Monday, August 1, 2011

Does the Medical School at the University of Minnesota

Have no Shame?

Although I apologize to gentle readers for putting this trash up, there is no other way that I can properly express my disgust for the University of Minnesota and its Medical School's acceptance of money from a porn purveyor. 

Please see my post on the Chronicle of Higher Education Brainstorm Blog:

When asked about hardcore porn – something that’s believed to distort a person’s view of sexuality, Eli Coleman, director of the university program on human sexuality replied:

“If this was a company that was into child pornography or something like that, that was illegal, I don’t think we could morally accept something from people who are involved in illegal activities. But this is a company that’s responsible and is law-abiding…”

It is a sad day at a university when the ethical standard is: “If it is not illegal, we can do it.”

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