Friday, May 27, 2011

Latest from the University of Minnesota Medical School

All the News That's Fit to Manage?

Very sad example set by the Medical School Dean, Aaron Friedman, MD.

From a blanket email I've just received:

The Med School was featured in a Star Tribune story about the school’s finances. Dean Aaron Friedman, Wes Miller, Medicine, Patrick Schlievert, Microbiology, and Pete Mitsch, Admin, were featured in the story. Read Dean Friedman’s response.
Dishonest and shameful.  Why was the Star-Tribune's response not cited?

Dean Friedman's response is totally bogus and dishonest.

For the Star-Tribune's response to his charges of inaccuracy, please see:

From that document:

The Star Tribune has reviewed your May 5 letter to university colleagues regarding our May 1 news story about the Medical School. We stand behind the accuracy and fairness of that story and we take exception with your misrepresentation of our work. We ask that you set the record straight and remove your letter from any forum at the university and from any public website.
In your letter, you make six accusations that our story made "implications or judgments that are simply wrong and lead to unfair conclusions." Below we respond to each of your six points.
In closing, we want you to know that the Star Tribune often runs corrections. But in this case, we didn't see the need for one. We offer to meet with you to discuss your views of our story. The article was based solely on public documents and interviews with named university officials. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration of this request.

Dr. Friedman, I am very disappointed in you. This kind of behavior is not worthy of the leader of a once proud medical school.  Perhaps you should start by taking your own advice?

"I believe it's critically important that we speak up when statements are made that are unfair or simply wrong, and I also know that our community stands up for what's right. It's what we expect of the students we are sending off into the professions this month, and it's what we should expect of each other."
 If you expect high standards of our students with respect to statements that are unfair or simply wrong, then I believe that you should set a good example yourself in this matter.  Please apologize and withdraw your offensive statement as it dishonors us all.

To complain internally to the university community about the unfairness of the press after having dissembled as outlined above is not worthy of a University of Minnesota medical school dean.


William B. Gleason

Medical school faculty member and University of Minnesota alumnus

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