Monday, February 7, 2011

Did the University of Minnesota  allow

Nemeroff to put in the fix for Schultz?

Was Nemeroff Consultant to Search Committee?

“Data were spun.”

The University of Minnesota’s drug trial problems broaden.

Bernard Carroll says: I remember hearing that The University of Minnesota engaged Charles Nemeroff as a consultant to the search committee for the chair of psychiatry. At the time Nemeroff’s compromises had not been exposed and he was seen as something of a kingmaker. He was even referred to as Boss of Bosses. Nemeroff is said to have put in the fix for Charles Schultz. So who is surprised when questions about compromise arise in connection with Schultz as well?

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    Anonymous said...

    Bernard Carroll is a former head of psychiatry at Duke University and once was Nemeroff's boss. His memory of facts regarding the hiring of Dr. Schulz and a consulting committee involving Charles Nemeroff should be investigated at the U of M. Of course the results are going to force another chapter in the conflict-of-interest policy.