Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dirty Little Secret About Tuition Increase

University of Minnesota


The howling has begun - about the 4.5% tuition increase for U of M students next year. What will happen next year when a 7.5+% increase is announced? The incumbent will not be around to face the music. He will have bailed out.

U of M alum Jenna Ross has an article in the Strib:

College tuition is continuing its steady rise for Minnesota students. This week University of Minnesota regents will get their first look at a budget that attempts to soften the blow for families, but still calls for an overall 4.4 percent tuition increase for in-state undergraduates
The U's proposed $1.53 billion operating budget is expected to be the last to rely on one-time stimulus funds to soften tuition increases. Without it, undergraduate tuition would rise 7.5 percent this fall. After next year, tuition will be built on two years of full increases. In short, even if the U froze tuition for 2011-12, without stimulus money, students would pay 7.2 percent more, or $11,094.

So there it is, folks, in black (or red) and white. If you think a 4.5% increase is bad, then think about next year when it will be 7.5% plus whatever the Morrill Hall Gang thinks they can get away with. Time for some real changes in Morrill Hall?


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