Friday, March 5, 2010

More on MoreU...

President Bruininks apparently made a statement to the effect:

"He talked of replacing state support with revenue from other sources, mentioning in particular UMore Park.

What he is being less than candid about is the use to which MoreU profits - if there ever are any - will be put.

The money, explicitly, is not to be used to supplant state funds:

WHEREAS, by resolution dated December 8, 2008 the Board of Regents directed “the administration and the General Counsel to bring to the Board a legal framework to create a legacy fund from the proceeds, revenues and income derived from UMore Park assets, and that such fund shall be designated for long-term support of special academic research, education and public engagement opportunities not otherwise adequately funded by state federal or tuition resources, and that in no event shall such legacy fund supplant otherwise available government or private funds received by the University.

And what are these "special opportunities?"

And who will decide?

Is legacy fund synonymous with slush fund?

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