Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Words From Graduate School Dean at University of Minnesota?

Date: May 13, 2009

To: Graduate Faculty

From: Gail Dubrow, Chair, Graduate School Executive Committee

Subject: Graduate School Executive Committee Response to Draft Recommendations on Restructuring Graduate Education

The Constitution of the Graduate School charges its Executive Committee with responsibility for considering proposals for changes in the administration of the Graduate School and continually reviewing the effectiveness of its structure and performance in discharging its missions.

In keeping with its constitutionally mandated responsibilities, the Graduate School Executive Committee has completed its deliberations on the Draft Report of the Committee on Graduate Education, "Recommendations on the Oversight and Support of Graduate Education at the University of Minnesota," released for public comment on April 24.

The Executive Committee concluded that a free-standing Graduate School should continue as an academic unit with a constitution and shared governance. The Executive Committee approved 12 key resolutions related to the future of graduate education at University of Minnesota, with additional comments that specifically address the 15 key findings of the Committee on Graduate Education.

Full text of the Graduate School Executive Committee's response is now available at To clearly understand the Executive Committee's recommendations, it is helpful to have in hand a copy of the Draft Recommendations of the Committee on Graduate Education, which can be accessed from the same page.

May 24 is the closing date of the public comment period on the Draft Recommendations of the Committee on Graduate Education. Whatever your views on plans for reorganizing graduate education, The Graduate School Executive Committee encourages you to submit your comments before the deadline so your voices can be heard. Address your comments to the Committee on Graduate Education at, which has been charged with responsibility for compiling and forwarding verbatim all comments it receives to the Provost ( and President (

Unconfirmed rumors persist that the administration has asked that Dean Dubrow resign or be fired as of May 15. We shall see.

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