Monday, April 27, 2009

Star-Tribune Three Part Series

on Generation Debt

The Strib has an excellent series that started on Sunday and will run through tomorrow. Unfortunately, it is "paper only" and has not yet appeared on the Strib web site. As I understand the Sunday piece will be released on Wednesday. It is not clear when the other two parts will be put up on the Strib's website.

Although I certainly can understand the Strib trying to drive up circulation, I am dubious that this withholding of news from the web will accomplish much. U of M alum Jenna Ross is a co-author on the series and does her usual excellent job of laying out the situation.

For those who don't want to wait til Wednesday, I have posted some excerpts on the Periodic Table, Too.

Please see:

Generation Debt, Part the Second


Generation Debt

There's been plenty of discussion about the recent riot at the U, so I don't have much to say. However, it is obvious that our crack administrative team together with the U of M police and the finest of Minneapolis/St. Paul need to do something about this.

I have a couple of ideas but will wait to see what the geniuses - in SidHartmanSpeak - have to say for themselves.

End of term coming soon. I know where my students were over the weekend - studying hard - what a lot of other people should have been doing.

It is a big, bad, world out there, folks. As the sarge (Phil Esterhaus) used to say on Hill Street Blues: "Hey, let's be careful out there."

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