Tuesday, February 17, 2009

University of Minnesota Spokesperson
Dan Wolter Offers to Just Say No


[Note: 02/19/09b] corrected version - see below - of original post]


I thank a friend for providing this comic relief. Such a comfort in these hard times...

Although Mr. Wolter has said no for some pretty famous people, including OurCEO his offer here is quite remarkable:

[From the Daily - fast becoming the nemesis of the Administration. What a free press is for, I thought.]

As Bruininks announced Friday to the Board of Regents, University departments have been asked to work on preliminary budget planning parameters based on 5 percent to 8 percent reductions. It will be the individual departments’ responsibilities to make these cuts.

Department financial officers did not return calls or comment on what specific programs might be cut as of press time. In an e-mail obtained by The Minnesota Daily, University spokesman Dan Wolter encouraged encouraged administrators and communications directors to consult with the University News Service before commenting on potential cuts.

“Should you have something you’d like to share with [The Minnesota Daily] at this point, I’d urge you to consult with me or your News Service representative before responding,” Wolter said in the e-mail. “Also, if you need someone to tell them you’re declining comment, we’re happy to do that.”

[Added 02/19/09a

Tsk, tsk, Dan. Remember the wise counsel of your former boss: "Cheap shots aren't free." And also remember the words of one of the professional journalists around here: "Across the University campus in the past eight years I’ve been appalled by the way student journalists have been treated by faculty, staff and administration."

Look in the mirror, Dan, look in the mirror...]

Big Brother Dan will take care of you naive, innocent, people who might share something embarrassing with the Daily. Let the gang who can't shoot straight do the job themselves?

For an example of outstanding recent work by spokesperson Wolter:

"University spokesman Daniel Wolter said that Bruininks does not comment on his compensation [$733,421 ] but said he was 'quite surprised he ranked as high as he did.'"

[Hmm... I'm not so sure I'd want DW doing a no comment like that for me...]


In an email comment on the original post, Dan Wolter pointed out:

I would like to point out the correction run in the Daily yesterday regarding the email of mine you mentioned. The Daily incorrectly reported that the email was sent to faculty. It was not. It was sent to administrators and communications directors in colleges and administrative units."

I thank Mr. Wolter for his comments. The original post has been modified to reflect his correction and is posted above.

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