Friday, January 9, 2009

Kling, Kling, Kling On The Trolley...

From Minnpost:

Kling! Kling!

Did MPR deliver noisy LRT ultimatum?

By David Brauer | Friday, Jan. 9, 2009

MPR will sue unless light-rail is silent and vibration-free — at least in front of its doors, the PiPress' Dave Orrick reports. MPR's Bill Kling delivered the March 1 "ultimatum" that demanded alignment veto power, though the PiPress doesn't quote anything that sounds so absolute. An MPR spokesperson disputes the "ultimatum" characterization; MPR's own story is decidedly less brinksmanship-esque. Met Council head Peter Bell won't promise zero harm, but argues $800,000 of mitigation will work.

More LRT: The MPR spokesperson acknowledges nearby St. Paul firetrucks are already heard indoors, but trains are potentially much worse. The Strib says MPR should pipe down.

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