Friday, April 11, 2008

A Magnificent Gift from Masonic Grand Lodge of Minnesota

From the Star-Tribune:

U Cancer Center gets $65 million donation

April 10, 2008

In the largest gift ever made to the University of Minnesota, the Minnesota Masonic Charities announced a donation today of $65 million to the University of Minnesota Cancer Center.

The money is being targeted for research and treatment of cancer. The Masons in Minnesota have a long relationship with the university supporting work in that area.

This most recent donation also will be used to expand research of cancer “survivorship, to improve care.

The cancer care facility in the University’s massive Academic Health Center will be renamed the Masonic Cancer Center. Over the past 53 years, the Masons have raised a total of $100 million for cancer care and research.

The donation was announced by Grand Master Raymond Christensen of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Minnesota who also is assistant dean of the medical school’s Duluth campus. He was joined by University President Robert Bruininks.

The Mason’s donation will be distributed to the University over 15 years. Previously, the largest private donation to a Minnesota college or university was $60 million given to the University of St. Thomas last year by Lee and Penny Anderson.

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