Friday, October 12, 2007

Dr. Frank Cerra's OpEd in the Pioneer Press

Competition, crossing disciplines produce innovative medical research

Today's Pioneer Press carries an OpEd piece by Dr. Frank Cerra, provost of the Academic Health Center at the University of Minnesota.

It is good that a public dialog is starting to develop about the direction of University and the Academic Health Center.

The original Pioneer Press article that Dr. Cerra complains about actually reports the work of a local Health Partners researcher, Brian C. Martinson, who explains his concerns in a commentary in Nature, arguably the leading journal of general science in the world.

Mr. B. has previously posted on this situation: "Another Indication that More NIH Funding Is Not Going to Solve BigU Medical School's Problems.."

Dr. Cerra and other parties interested in this situation, crisis is not too strong a word, might wish to consult this post. It might be useful for the Pioneer Press to solicit a response OpEd from Brian C. Martinson for a fuller explanation of our current problems and the reason why more money from NIH isn't going to solve them.



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