Sunday, January 28, 2007

ColdState's Shizophrenic (Political) Climate

Some time ago, prior to the last election, Wonkette saith:

This is Michele Bachmann. She’s running for congress in Minnesota’s 6th district. If you want to know why she’s ten kinds of crazy, the City Pages will tell you all the details (best story: hiding behind shrubbery, spying on gay marriage rally) (ok, also, on President Bush: “awesome date,” “he’s so buff”) (yeah, also: filing police report, claiming two lesbians trapped her in a bathroom). Mainly, though, this is a crazy woman getting laughed at by an entire room full of people for saying global warming is made-up.

Now despite all the good things that happened during the last election, Michelle Bachmann actually was elected! ColdState is schizo and we elect people like Paul Wellstone (good) and Senator BlowDry (that would be Norm Coleman). And of course there is always the cross of Jesse to bear.

So what has Ms. Bachmann been up to lately? The StarTribune has a daily Letter of the Day and last week the one selected was:

Goodbye, Katherine Harris; hello, Michele Bachmann! Did Minnesotans really elect this woman?

Anyone watching President Bush leave the House Chamber Tuesday night saw the Sixth District representative make a real fool of herself. It was almost as though she expected the "Rapture" at any minute as she clung to the president's shoulder. What a contrast to the measured, rational, realistic appraisal given minutes later by Sen. James Webb.


Mrs. Bonzo forwarded a commentary about this to her brother, HarleyMan, suggesting that Mrs. Bachmann must have thought that GeorgeBoy was Justin Timberlake to which HarleyMan replied: "Who is Justin Timberlake?"

Good Answer!

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