Thursday, November 14, 2013

Markingson Case Update by Trudo Lemmens

Dear All,

A quick update on the Markingson case. A Senate Committee is currently discussing whether it will support the idea of discussing our letter at a full Senate Hearing. The minutes of the first of that Faculty Consultative Committee meeting can be found here:

You will notice that there are some innuendo about the letter writers and signers not really knowing what they sign onto, which is somewhat insulting, but above all a very weak argument. But to dissipate any further doubt about what we looked at and why we remain concerned after a careful consideration, we prepared the attached table which lays out systematically what the alleged reviews revealed. The more I personally reread some of the statements and reports, the more I am convinced that this is a case-study of the serious failures, not only of how vulnerable patients are sometimes included in clinical trials, but also of how regulatory agencies and institutional players react when problems occur.

We also received on November 12 a letter of the University General Counsel rejecting our request. I attached that letter also for your information. It tells us nothing new.

Further attachments are: a letter to the Faculty Consultative Committee; an updated signatories list; and a copy of our letter of October 21, 2013.

If you have any comments, feel free to get in touch. Or if you feel the urge to send a personal e-mail to any of the relevant decision-makers or colleagues, feel free to do so of course.

Thanks again.


Trudo Lemmens, LicJur, LLM, DCL
Associate Professor
Scholl Chair in Health Law and Policy
Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

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