Thursday, July 18, 2013

For the Record...

Summer time and no one pays much attention to the hard problems. So some important points will be raised now and developed in the Fall when people are again paying attention.

"One of the University’s long-term goals is to be one of the top three research institutions in the world.
'Our research really does define an absolutely critical element of this institution,' President Eric Kaler said at the meeting."

Don't we ever learn anything at the University of Minnesota?  

This is absolute and total nonsense. 

"In the world" ? Why not in the universe?

For a little background: 

And of course the Twitterverse is not stifled over the summer. There, soundbites reign supreme, rather than honest discussion.

For example: 

For a little background:

Rankings are a loser's game. We've been through this before. 

Touting them just makes us look foolish.

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