Saturday, October 8, 2011

 University of Minnesota claims start up success 

on par with Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia.

"The review left no doubts about the office’s accomplishments — the OTC is spinning off startup companies on-par with Harvard, Columbia and  Stanford universities, it concluded."

My comments on the Daily site:

Really?  Somehow this seems incredibly unlikely....

What exactly does "on-par" mean?

“Stanford, to no one’s surprise, ranked No. 1 in a recent global “Top Ten” of university startup communities...Rounding out the top five were the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Cambridge, University of California-Berkeley and the Indian Institutes of Technology." 


See selected Harvard startups:

For facts and figures about Columbia's technology transfer operation, please see: http://techventures.columbia.e...

In the long run exaggerated claims, such as the intro quote, make the U look bad to the community...  Citizens and legislators are aware of the start-up generating productivity of Stanford, Columbia, and Harvard.  

To claim that the U is "on-par" with them is absurd.


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