Friday, January 29, 2010

Michele Bachmann has her way with TERI

From Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine:

Are you talking about public education’s obsession with multiculturalism?

Your perfect example is from the University of Minnesota’s school of education—their new standard (3) . . . a prescribed level of indoctrination that students [are tested on] in order to matriculate. That’s wrong. The state should not impose a value system in order to receive a teaching certificate. That’s a First Amendment issue.

(3) Bachmann is referring to TERI, the Kubrickian-sounding Teacher Education Redesign Initiative. Its mission statement: “TERI will add focus to our efforts in four areas: preparation for work with special education students, preparation for work with English language learners, development of cultural competence, and preparation for working effectively with families and communities.” Cultural competence is a large gray area—not the congresswoman’s favorite color.

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