Wednesday, January 16, 2008


From the Pioneer Press:

Tuition would rise an average 2 percent at Minnesota's two-year colleges and 3 percent at state universities next school year under a plan Minnesota State Colleges and Universities officials released late Monday.

If adopted, the proposed one-year increases would be the smallest since 1998, system leaders said. Average tuition would run $4,080 for a full-time student at a two-year college and $5,561 for a full-time state university student.

Overall, tuition and fees in the system's 32 colleges and universities would go up 2.7 percent on average, to $4,849, MnSCU said.

The system's board is expected to vote on the plan at its March meeting.

State funds cover about 52 percent of the cost of educating students, down from two-thirds in 1995, MnSCU said.

The U Does Not...


Senate Committee on Finance and Planning

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Will the Regents support a 7.5% tuition increase, Professor Martin asked? They have been told it is part of the budget plans, Mr. Pfutzenreuter said. Professor Chapman suggested that 7.5% will be seen as quite high. Mr. Pfutzenreuter agreed but pointed out that for Minnesota residents the legislature provided funding to buy down the increase by 2%, so it will only be 5.5% (for students from households with an income of up to $150,000). Professor Chapman said he was sorry to see such an increase in an election year; Mr. Pfutzenreuter said the other choices are increased state funding or less new investment.

Once again it should be clear that the goals and aspirations of a public institution have to be aligned with the resources and priorities of the state. What is sensible for an institution to do if it has the resources to become one of the "top three public research universities in the world" is not necessarily what should be done given the actual financial constraints under which we are going to have to live in the future.

There should be a real dialog about these matters on the campus of the University of Minnesota and it is sorely lacking. OurLeader and OurProvost need a little pancake and BigTen (the tavern) time with the peons. Even a trip to The Wok or a local Italian resaurant?

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