Thursday, November 1, 2007

Althouse on Danforth vs. Minnesota

Ann Althouse needs no introduction to blog addicts. Her modus operandi is to make fairly short, provocative, posts. She then stands back and moderates the action as numerous regulars join in for fun or venom. Sort of like tossing a pound of hamburger over the fence to a bunch of very big and hungry dogs. It is an oddly fascinating read, but sometimes navigating through the venom (and Trooper York) can be tiresome.

In real life Ms. Althouse is a law prof at UW-Madison. Every once in a while - like today - she actually has a post on lawyerly matters. As an old con law fan, Mr. B. notes an excellent post on the Danforth vs. Minnesota case. She discusses a transcript of the proceedings today. Much more interesting than Linda Greenhouse. Sound like a good topic for a law school con law exam? Enjoy.