Sunday, April 8, 2007

Funding Woes - at BigU and Elsewhere
The Disease-Causing Organism is the Federal Government?

From CJ, the Strib Gossip Columnist

(Easter Sunday)

Big exposure for U prof

In the April issue of Men's Health, U pathologist Dr. Leo Furcht essentially says that the disease-causing organism, to so speak, in the U.S. health care system is in Washington, D.C.

It's the federal government. "Federal money? Federal involvement? In the American health care system? Hah!" magazine writer Bob Drury quotes Furcht as saying in the article's first sentences.

Because of a lack of government funding, "the climate for biomedical research is ominous," Furcht told the mag. And our prospects for retaining U.S.-trained docs and researchers, who can return to their native countries where medical science is more of a funding priority, is grim. "If the United States is to retain its preeminent position in biomedical research, we'll need to provide an attractive career path for young people. That's not the case right now," Furcht told the mag.

Drury wrote that Furcht "leans forward in his chair and stares at me, his eyes loaded with thunder" when speaking about the funding woes of established researchers who have made major discoveries.

Mr. B. thanks Mrs. B. for calling this item to his attention. He does not ordinarily read the gossip column.

Happy Easter if that is your persuasion.

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